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The Wii Series is a line of simulation games developed by Nintendo. The first title was released as a launch title for the Wii in 2006. These games feature Miis in a simplistic casual setting where the player simulate real-life activities. As of September 2020, the Wii franchise has sold over 204.73 million units worldwide.


Year Platform Title Sales
2006 Wii Sports 116.42
2006 Wii Wii Sports 82.90 [1]
2009 Wii Wii Sports Resort 33.14 [1]
2013 Wii U Wii Sports Club 0.38* [2]
2007 Wii Play 29.66
2006 Wii Wii Play 28.02 [1]
2011 Wii Wii Play Motion 1.64 [3]
2008 Wii Fit 44.66
2007 Wii Wii Fit 22.67 [1]
2009 Wii Wii Fit Plus 21.13 [1]
2013 Wii U Wii Fit U 0.86* [4]
2010 Wii Party 11.13
2010 Wii Wii Party 9.35 [1]
2013 Wii U Wii Party U 1.78 [3]
2008 Other Wii Games 2.86
2008 Wii/WiiWare Wii Chess Unknown
Wii Wii Music 2.86 [3]
Total sales 204.73


  • * identify VGChartz numbers
  • Wii Sports was bundled with the Wii in all regions except Japan and South Korea.
  • Wii Sports is the second
  • Though the game was initially sold separately, Wii Sports Resort was later bundled with the Wii console.
  • Initially, Wii Sports Club was only available on the Nintendo eShop with each sport needing to be bought separately. A retail release with all five sports has also been released.
  • Wii Sports is the best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Sports is the third best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Play is the fifth best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Fit is the sixth best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Fit Plus is the seventh best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Party is the ninth best selling Wii game of all time.
  • Wii Chess was only released physically in Europe, and on the WiiWare in Japan.


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