Video Game Sales Wiki

The wiki will complement a missing part of the Wikia Gaming portal by having a plethora of information regarding video game sales. This includes domestic and worldwide sales for next-generation platforms, like the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, for portable systems like the DS and PSP and lastly for previous consoles going all the way back to the Atari. Every month, gamers anxiously wait for these sales data and it's be great to consolidate all this information in one place as well as provide links to websites that focus on the business aspect of videogames.

Started 13 April, 2008 by W3stfa11

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Video Game Sales Wiki (vgsales) is about consolidating all information regarding the video game industry, including sales figures from around the world, analysis from game industry experts, and market trends. In addition, vgsales is intended to discuss the game industry through the eyes of a gamer and the perennial game arguments that exist in message board and blogs. Here are a few things vgsales seeks to include:

  • Weekly and monthly console sales figures from around the world (U.S., Japan, Europe, and others) and only from reliable sources
  • periodic sales data for games
  • comparison of the different consoles expectations
  • trends in video games dating back to the Atari days
  • charts and graphs!
  • Analyst forecasts
  • analysis of developer's financial reports including revenues, profits and stocks.