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NES sales UK[]

THe NES sales for the UK were 1.5 million. I can't edit it. Bakeratron (talk) 21:39, April 10, 2020 (UTC)

Looking at further data, Bandai have Nes sitting at 708,000 in 1991, I'm going to suppose that means end of 1991 (although it might not as EA puts the Nes at 800k which matches up nicely). 1992 and 1993 sales (from the mergers commission data) then take the Nes up to 1,305,000, which matches up to the EA numbers. This number supersedes the 1993 number from the Edge magazine.Bakeratron (talk) 17:50, 4 October 2020 (UTC) It looks like the map is incorrect for UK/France and Germany, how do we go about changing it?

Sega System Sales Western Europe/EU[]

Where does the 6,950,000 number come from, and the( +750,000)? I've looked at the links but can't see that number.Bakeratron (talk) 16:44, 4 October 2020 (UTC)

The actual numbers[] This page has the estimated base units sold for the Master and Nes, as you can see the estimated units for the Nes outsell the Master in every year, I can see no data for total units sold but if anyone can help, that would be appreciated. I'll be going through the data. This is the screen digest 1995 data for estimated instal base per year.Bakeratron (talk) 15:53, 16 February 2021 (UTC)

Japan and Brazil's sales estimates are way too high[] This source you have on the page clearly states that the Master System and SG-1000 combined could not have sold more than 1.44 Million Units, 3.52 Million is way too high, it wasn't only talking about SG-1000, it clearly states that it talks about all of Sega's 8 Bit Home Consoles in Japan The 370 thousand, 630 thousand, and 800 thousand figures are likely just the total sales of the whole series of consoles estimated up to that point, since they're all reasonably close to the actual number shipments. The same source of the 800 thousand figure for 1987 said Nintendo sold just 6 million consoles up to that point. So either this figure only goes up to 1985 sales, or it's just not true. The total sales for the SG-1000 also make no sense, what that source was saying is that the SG-1000 series of consoles sold under 2 million units in Japan and North America, not that the SG-1000 sold 2 million units worldwide. I also really want to know how the Master System went from 5 million to 8 million in the span of 4 years. A 23 year old console outsells the Mega Drive's entire LTD in a few years just sounds like complete bollocks. What is more likely is that it's a misunderstanding, because 5 million Master Systems + 3 million Mega Drives = 8 million home consoles. I don't really like including TecToy's newer sales because that would be the same thing as counting NES Classic Sales as part of NES sales and nobody does that because internally they are completely different systems The sales figures for Europe, Australia, and South Korea aren't even hard numbers. The SMS stayed in production until 1996 in Europe and Australia, I'm not sure about South Korea but it's likely. There are also other countries the SMS was released in like Hong Kong, Israel, Eastern Europe and many others that we simply do not know the sales for at all.

The commonly touted 13 million is probably very close to what it actually sold

Japan: 1.44 million

North America: 1.5-2 million

Europe: Over 6.8 million

Brazil (pre-1996): 1-2 million

Australia/Other Asia: Over 1.37 million

Total: At least 12 million units

If you don't want to lowball it this much then at least change Brazil to 5 million and Japan to 1.44 million and have the total at 16 million, it really just looks like this site is trying to highball the Sega numbers instead of providing accurate information

"it really just looks like this site is trying to highball the Sega numbers," I agree. It was much worse a while back. It looked like a user/s had collated different info into exaggerating the numbers, when I tried to use the same data standards for other systems it was constantly reverted. There's a double standard here. I saw the stuff for Saturn and the Master, it looks like people just want them to have sold more than they did.Bakeratron (talk) 08:17, 7 October 2022 (UTC)