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Fire Emblem

I have updated Fire Emblem's sales on its wiki page( As of July 2017, it was at 24.9298 million. And when you compare it to the sales of the other franchise on the list, FE is Nintendo's 12th biggest franchise. Cant i get permission to edit this wiki page please?


Splatoon and Splatoon 2 have been above many of these games for a while with ~11m and ~16m copies sold respectively, is there a reason it's not reflected in this page?

Splatoon 1 sold 4.95 million as seen on Nintendo's official sales page, while Splatoon 2 has sold 11.27 million as of Sep. 2020. If you are referring to the "Best-selling games" section of the page, then yes, the entire section could be outdated. While that section was not part of my duty, I might as well take over it since it is clear no one else has stepped up the plate. Thank you for the observation. GmanSir (talk) 20:51, 22 December 2020 (UTC)GmanSir