The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is a 16-bit console by Nintendo, released in 1990 in Japan and 1991 in the US. The system was preceded by the Nintendo Entertainment System and succeeded by the Nintendo 64.

Super Nintendo sales figuresEdit

As of 2008, Nintendo has sold 49.1 million console units worldwide,[1] including 23.35 million in the Americas, 17.16 million in Japan, and 8.58 million in other regions.[2]

Super NES Classic EditionEdit

Super NES Classic Edition, known as the Super Famicom Mini in Japan, is a video game console that emulates the SNES. It released in 2017. It was preceded by the NES Classic Edition in 2016.


It sold 4 million units worldwide in 2017,[3] and 5.28 million units by March 2018.[4] At an average worldwide retail price of US$85,[n 1] it has grossed approximately $449 million in revenue.

Super NES Classic gamesEdit

Super NES Classic Edition comes built-in with the following 21 games:[6]

Super Famicom Mini gamesEdit

Super Famicom Mini (for Japan) comes built-in with the following 21 games:[7]


  1. Super NES Classic Edition prices:
    • Japan: ¥7,980 (US$71.14)
    • United States: US$79.99
    • United Kingdom: £79.95[5] (US$103)
    • Australia: A$119.95 (US$92)
    • Canada: C$99.99 (US$77)


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