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NeoGAF (formerly named the Gaming Age Forums, is called GAF, and hereafter will be referred to as any of the three) is a popular video game internet discussion forum founded around 1996, originally founded as an adjunct to Gaming-Age, a game news site. It is now independently hosted and administered.

However, it can be difficult to start posting, since it can take months before a new account is verified. After the controversy with the site's founder Evilore in 2017, the overwhelming majority of the community left with a large portion of them founding another site called ResetEra.

Members in the game industry[]

In accordance with this greater focus on the industry rather than its products, its posters include:

  • David Jaffe (creator of the Twisted Metal series and God of War),
  • Vic Ireland (founder of Working Designs)
  • Andy McNamara (editor-in-chief of Game Informer)
  • Jeff Green (former editor-in-chief of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine and current editor for 1up PC)
  • Gary Whitta, former editor-in-chief of PC Gamer
  • Shawn Elliot (former editor of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine and current editor for 1up PC)
  • Greg Kasavin (former editor-in-chief of GameSpot)
  • Denis Dyack (Silicon Knights president)
  • Mike Acton - Engine Director at Insomniac Games[1]
  • Matt Matthews (jvm) - writer for Gamasutra, Edge Online, and LinuxGames. blog
  • developers at Bungie , Bethesda, Monolith Productions, Relic Entertainment, Krome Studios, and Sidhe Interactive.
  • Mark Bozon - editor for IGN [2]
  • Kobun Heat - Editor of's Game|Life [3]
  • Iain Howe - Community Team Editor at Guerrila Games (Killzone 2)[4]
  • Jeremiah Slaczka - Creative Director and Co-Founder of 5TH Cell and the guy who came up with the original concepts for Drawn to Life, Lock's Quest and Scribblenauts.[5]
  • Zave - editor at Official Nintendo Magazine in Italy[6][7]

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