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NPD sales figures for the United States in the video game industry.

Note: March, June, September, and December are always five weeks of tracking, while the rest are 4 weeks. NPD does 4-4-5 (weeks/month) quarters, so that year on year quarterly comparisons are valid.

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Lifetime sales and records

NPD Seventh generation market share (as of April 2009)

Seventh generation console sales (as of October NPD 2008)

United States video game revenues (1995-2007), without inflation, for console games (not including arcade or PC).

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NPD Seventh generation of video games


NPD 2010 sales figures and NPD Seventh generation of video games

NPD Seventh generation market share (chart courtesy of Chart Get!)

NPD Seventh generation market share (image courtesy of Chart Get!)


NPD 2009 sales figures


NPD 2008 sales figures


NPD 2007 sales figures
NPD Q1 2007
NPD 1st half of 2007
NPD Q3 2007
NPD 2nd half of 2007


NPD 2006 sales figures


NPD 2005 sales figures


NPD 2004 sales figures


NPD 2003 sales figures

2002 and earlier

NPD 2002 sales figures


History of the US video game market

Overall United States video game market revenues from 1973 to 2013, adjusted for inflation (in 2012 dollars for years prior to 2012).
Blue - Arcade sector
Red - Consumer sector (incl. console, PC, handheld, mobile, tablet)
Green - Overall US market (all sectors)

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