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Mario Puzzle Games is a collative group of numerous puzzle spin-off games based on the Mario series. The most prominent and successful games fall under the Dr. Mario series, where Mario dresses up like a doctor to defeat viruses with megavitamins. The first game to make Mario enter the puzzle genre was the arcade game VS. Wrecking Crew which was released in 1984, then for the Nintendo Entertainment System a year later. As of December 2019, the Dr. Mario series has sold 11.49 million copies worldwide. Combining all the puzzle games, Mario Puzzle Games have sold at least 13.146 million copies worldwide.


Dr. Mario[]

Year Platform Title Sales
1990 NES Dr. Mario 4.85 [1]
GB Dr. Mario 5.34 [1]
1994 SNES Tetris & Dr. Mario Unknown
2001 N64 Dr. Mario 64 0.34* [2]
2003 GCN Nintendo Puzzle Collection 0.110 [3]
2004 GBA Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario 0.56* [4]
2005 GBA Dr. Mario & Puzzle League 0.29* [3][5]
2008 WiiWare Dr. Mario Online Rx Unknown
DSiWare Dr. Mario Express Unknown
2013 Wii U eshop Dr. Luigi Unknown
2015 3DS eshop Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Unknown
2019 Mobile Dr. Mario World Free
Total sales 11.49

Other Mario Puzzle Games[]

Year Platform Title Sales
1985 NES Wrecking Crew 0.51*JPN [6]
1993 SNES Mario & Wario Unknown
1995 GB Mario's Picross 0.204JPN [3]
SNES Mario's Super Picross 0.250 [3]
1996 GB Picross 2 0.086 [3]
1998 SNES Wrecking Crew '98 Unknown
2004 GBA Famicom Mini 14: Wrecking Crew 0.066 [3]
2015 3DS Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition 0.54* [7]
Total sales 1.656


  • * include VGChartz numbers
  • JPN currently only Japanese sales number available
  • Dr. Mario was also released for the arcade machines VS. System and PlayChoice-10 in 1990.
  • Tetris & Dr. Mario was only released in North America and Europe.
  • Dr. Mario 64 was only released in North America.
  • Nintendo Puzzle Collection, which contains a port of Dr. Mario 64 was only released in Japan.
  • Wrecking Crew was released as VS. Wrecking Crew for the arcade VS. System one year before its release on the NES.
  • Mario & Wario, Mario's Super Picross, Picross 2, Wrecking Crew '98, and Famicom Mini 14: Wrecking Crew were only released in Japan.