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Guitar Hero franchise is a series of music-based rhythm games that utilize instrument-shaped peripherals from Activision. By 2010, the franchise grossed over $2 billion and 35 million copies of the franchise,[1]

Guitar Hero II[]

In December 2006, Guitar Hero II for PlayStation 2 was the second best-selling video game of the month, selling 805,200 units. It was outsold only by Gears of War for Xbox 360, which sold 815,700 units. It was the fifth best-selling video game of the fiscal year of 2006, with 1.3 million copies sold. It was also the third best-selling game for the PlayStation 2, behind Madden NFL 07 and Kingdom Hearts II. Total sales of the game during 2006 were $200 million.

As of December 1, 2007, 3.1 million copies of Guitar Hero II have been sold.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock[]

Activision has called Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock its "largest product launch ever", selling over US$100 million in the first week after release in North America alone. As such, Activision reported concerns of being unable to meet the demand for the game for the 2007 holiday season. The game was the highest selling video game of 2007, in terms of units sold and revenue earned. The game has been especially successful on the Wii, making the NPD monthly top 10 throughout 2008. It has generated over $1 billion in revenues.[1]

As of March 2011, it was the grossing title in the United States, grossing $830.9 million the US alone.[2]

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith[]

Guitar Hero: World Tour[]

The title launched in late 2008 and moved 3.4 million in the United States[3]

Guitar Hero: On Tour[]

On Tour for the Nintendo DS launched with over 300,000 units sold in its first seven days. These sales figures rank as Activision's largest DS launch and in their top 5 fastest selling games on any platform.[2]

Guitar Hero 5[]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock[]

Guitar Hero Live[]

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