The best selling video games in Japan according to Famitsu. List covers up to June 2008.

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Top50 famitsu games

Image from Captain Smoker of NeoGAF [1] (as of December 28, 2008

This list is incomplete.

Pos. Sys. Title Units Sold
1GBPokemon Red/Green/Blue10,077,000
2GBPokemon Gold/Silver7,961,000
3FCSuper Mario Bros.6,810,000
4DSPokemon Diamond/Pearl5,465,000
5GBAPokemon Ruby/Sapphire5,337,000
6DSNew Super Mario Bros.5,187,000
7DSBrain Age 24,865,000
8DSAnimal Crossing: Wild World4,654,000
10GBSuper Mario Land4,180,000
11PSDragon Quest VII3,893,000
12FCSuper Mario Bros. 33,840,000
13SFCSuper Mario Kart3,820,000
14FCDragon Quest III3,800,000
15DSBrain Age3,610,000
16SFCSuper Mario World3,550,000
17PS2Dragon Quest VIII3,546,000
18PSFinal Fantasy VIII3,502,000
19PSFinal Fantasy VII3,278,000
20GBPokemon Yellow3,160,000
21FCDragon Quest IV3,100,000
22SFCDragon Quest VI3,082,000
23DSMario Kart DS3,075,000
24SFCDonkey Kong Country3,000,000
25WiiWii Sports2,962,000
26GBAPokemon FireRed/LeafGreen2,884,000
27SFCStreet Fighter II2,880,000
28SFCDragon Quest V2,800,000
29PSFinal Fantasy IX2,707,000
30GBSuper Mario Land 22,680,000
31FCSuper Mario Bros. 22,650,000
32SFCFinal Fantasy VI2,550,000
34SFCFinal Fantasy V2,450,000
35FCDragon Quest II2,400,000
36WiiWii Play2,367,000
38GBDragon Quest Monsters2,350,000
39PS2Final Fantasy X2,325,000
40PS2Final Fantasy XII2,322,000
41SFCDonkey Kong Country 22,210,000
42PSPMonster Hunter Portable 2nd G2,210,000
43GBYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 42,202,000
44PSGran Turismo2,186,000
45PSResident Evil 22,155,000
47WiiWii Fit2,129,000
48SFCSuper Mario All-Stars2,120,000
49GBPokemon Crystal2,120,000
50SFCStreet Fighter II Turbo2,100,000

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