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Fallout is a role-playing game series originally from Interplay that was bought by Bethesda after the former's financial difficulties in the early 2000s. It became the sister franchise to The Elder Scrolls after that, with both developed by the same developer. Since then, the series has sold over 55 million as of 2020.

Series Total[]

Title Release year Sales Ref
Fallout 1997 600,000 [1]
Fallout 2 1998 123,000 [2]
Fallout Tactics:

Brotherhood of Steel

2001 300,000 [3]
Fallout 3 2008 12.4 million [4]
Fallout: New Vegas 2010 11.6 million [4]
Fallout 4 2015 25 million [5]

Player counts[]

Since these titles are as a part of subscription or free-to-play, they go off player counts instead of raw sales

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