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F-Zero is a futuristic racing series made by Nintendo. The original debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as one of the launch titles. The series takes place in the future, where humankind has since adapted its social framework into a galaxy teeming with a variety of sapient alien races. The series has been dormant since the Japan-exclusive release of F-Zero Climax in 2004. As of December 2014, the F-Zero franchise has sold 5.85 million copies worldwide.


Year Platform Title Sales
1990 SNES F-Zero 2.85 [1]
1998 N64 F-Zero X 1.10 [1]
2001 GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity 1.05 [1]
2003 GCN F-Zero GX 0.692 [2][3]
2003 GBA F-Zero: GP Legend 0.159* [2][4]
2004 GBA F-Zero Climax 0.005 [2]
Total sales 5.856


  • * include VGChartz numbers
    • F-Zero: GP Legend - 0.009 (JPN) [Famitsu], 0.15 (NA/EU) [VGChartz]
  • Despite producer Toshihiro Nagoshi stating that F-Zero GX sold 1.5 million units[5], this probably was a mistake as Nintendo has publicly reported all 1st party GameCube games that have sold at least a million to the CESA Games White Paper, and F-Zero GX was never listed.[6]
    • In Japan the game sold 0.101 million[2], and 0.341 million in North America by February 2007.[3]. Since the game was a Player's Choice in Europe, it sold at least 0.25 million in that region[7], but the final European numbers are currently unknown.
  • F-Zero Climax only released in Japan.