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Destiny is a multiplayer first-person shooter series from Activision Blizzard developed by Bungie, the developers behind the original Halo series. The game is about a future Solar System where players are Guardians defending Earth from alien threats. The series only has two entries and they have been monstrously successful for Activision. The first entry launched in September 2014 on all major platforms except PC and Wii U and achieved the best debut for a new franchise

Sales data[]


  • Day of release - Grossed $500 million at retail[1]
  • NPD - 3rd best selling game of 2014 in North America.
  • Media Create (Japan) - 91,277 - first week
    • 124,251 - End of 2014
  • 6.3 million - First Month of Launch[2]
  • Number of Players - 9.5 million - November 2014
    • 16 million - January 2015
    • 20 million - September 2015
    • 25 million - November 2015

Destiny 2[]

  • 1.3 million concurrent players on launch week[3]
  • Outsold its predecessor - December 2017 [4]

Individual entries[]


The game started development in 2010 after Bungie completed Halo Reach. This started the 10-year publishing agreement Bungie made with Activision Blizzard. Bobby Kotick suggested that the total investment for Destiny would be $500 million though developers made it clear that this isn't reflective of the development budget with Activision executives later clarifying that the budget included marketing, game engine development and up-front infrastructure costs. Originally, the game was tracking well to done for a Fall 2013 release but, the state of the game didn't test well with Bungie's upper management leading to a rework of mission progression and delaying the game a year.

Prior to release, Activision held betas for the game on Playstation and Xbox in July. Before the betas closed, approximately 4.6 players took advantage of it. With the game's launch, Activision proclaimed that the game shipped $500 million to retailers and first-party worldwide. It was the biggest launch for the PS4 since Christmas in 2013. 11 sessions were played in its first week.[5]

Post-release, Destiny received 4 major expansions; The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron. On top of new content and story, these expansions added multiplayer modes. These expansions had Playstation-exclusive content that didn't release on the Xbox until later updates. In September 2015, with the launch of The Taken King, a new retail version of Destiny was released called the Legendary Edition which included the expansions released up to that point. Destiny also received regular patches and events

Destiny 2[]

Destiny 2 was originally planned to release in 2016 but, due to development issues, the game was delayed