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Sales figures for game system launches in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Many system launches were undersupplied and sold out almost immediately after release. Some of the shipped numbers, for example PlayStation 2, can be stated as units sold within the first few days or 24 hours, since pre-orders and demand outstripped supply.

Game system Sales Notes
Sony PlayStation 4

U.S.: 1 million units in one day[1]  UK: 250K units in 48 hrs[2]  EU & AU: 700K in 48 hrs[3]

2.1M in 15 days[4]

Major Shortages in U.S. ( 2 million on Gamestop backorder)

Sega Dreamcast U.S.: 500K in two weeks (including 225,132 sold in 24 hours)[5]
Sony PlayStation 2 U.S.: 500K sold and shipped in one weekend (NA). [6][7]Japan: 600,000 consoles launch day. 1 million in 10 days [8][9]
UK: 165K shipped [10]
Major shortages around the world
Sony Playstation 3 U.S.: 197K in two weeks (400K shipped)

Japan: 81,639 in 1 day (100K shipped)[11] EU & AU: 600,000 units (165K in UK) in 2 days[12]

Major shortages early due to cut in supply
Sony PlayStation Portable UK: 185,000 units in 3 days [13][14]
Xbox 360 U.S.: 326,000 units in ~2 weeks

Japan: 62,135 in 2 days
UK: 70,000 in 3 days[15]

Shortages in the U.S. and Europe
Xbox U.S.: 600K shipped [16]Japan: 123,334 units in 3 daysUK: 48K in 3 days, 80K from initial shipment. 300K shipped [17]
Wii U.S.: 600K in North America in 8 days, 476K in U.S. in 2 weeks

Japan: 400,000 in 1 day
Europe: 50K in 12 hours[18], 105K in UK in 2 days[19]

Major shortages for 2 years
GameCube U.S.: 330,000 consoles in 1 day, 500K first week (NA) (700K shipped)

Japan: ?
UK: 69,000 [20], 500,000 shipped for launch day in Europe, 1 million for launch period[21]

Nintendo DS UK: 191,000 in first week, 87,000 units in first weekend [22][23]
Game Boy Advance U.S.: $45 million in first week

Japan: 1.6 million units in the first five weeks [24] UK: 67,000, 47,000 for GBA SP [25]

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