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Results, surprises and story lines from 2007.

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Questions for 2007[]

  • Will Wii continue selling well after a successful launch?
  • Will the PS3 pricepoint affect consumer sales?
  • How will the format war (HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray) affect console sales for PS3 and Xbox 360?
  • Will third-parties embrace the Wii?
  • How successful will big releases like Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV be?

2007 happenings[]

January to June 2008

July to December 2008
  • Halo 3 sells 3.3 million copies in its first 12 days since its September release.
  • Sony releases the PSP Slim in September, sparks sales worldwide.
  • For one week in November, the Xbox 360 outsells the PlayStation 3 for the first time boosted by its Xbox 360 Elite and strong sales of Ace Combat 6, according to Media Create sales data.[1]
  • November sees the release of a White PlayStation 3 in Japan. Along with the release of Dynasty Warriors 6, the PS3 outsells the Wii for the first time since their launches a year ago.[2]


Games that were pushed back to 2008:


  • In Europe, Wii sold 5.25 million units.[1]

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